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Our Mission

To help kids:

  • Discover their passions

  • Create meaningful things

  • Learn lifelong achievement skills


We're Different


New Model

Spike coaching is an innovative model designed by Stanford grads. We're not a cram school or private college counseling. 


Premium Quality Coaching

  • Grads of top US colleges: i.e. Stanford, Michigan, Cornell

  • All full time

  • All rigorously vetted and trained

  • All have entrepreneurship experience

  • All based in the United States


Lifetime value

Get an edge in the competitive colleges admissions process AND develop lifelong skills and expertise.


Advisor Network

Building and validating a Spike is much easier when you tap into the combined network of all our coaches.


Trusted by the Asian Community

  • TAS , TES, Jian Zhong, Taipei First Girls, Kang Chiao, IBSH, top US Boarding Schools, NYC Private Schools, and more...
  • We work primarily with Asian and Asian-American families in East Asia and the US and our program is optimized for them.


NYC Headquartered

Our office is in Herald Square, New York City (a few blocks from the Empire State Building), and, as a result, we are close to the fast-changing realities and insider networks of college admissions here.


Proprietary Curriculum

Although our coaching is hyper-personalized to every student, our coaches also utilize over 100 lesson plans, assignments and resources that are based on cutting-edge ways of teaching entrepreneurship, design thinking, life-coaching, and college prep.